Apple iPad 2

Ddual-core Apple A5 processor Front and back-facing camera Video/still camera 9.7-inch screen LED-backlit Glossy widescreen Multitouch display 1024×768 resolution FaceTime video calling Back-facing unit 720p HD videos

Changing Technology

How is technology changing? How changing technologies are bringing visible changes in work places (as well as life)? What difference it is making? The technology that was hot and hip only some ten years ago seems form stone age today. Look back at what gadgets you have been using in the past and […]

iPhone Rules the Market

Apple’s iPhone is taking the market by force. According to a piece at Fortune’s Apple 2.0 blog Apple has sold 8 million iPhone’s to date. But that’s not an official stat from Apple, it’s an approximation based on collected International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. A joint project of AFB and Investor Village’s AAPL Sanity […]

FlightTrack Flight Plan

Walking into the unknown and exploring new sites. Locations and territories might be fun for travelers but sitting at the airports and waiting for delayed flight is not. It is boring to say the least. One wishes to spend all quality time doing something useful and fruitful instead of wasting time in waiting. Which is […]

My Life is iLife

Apple press release that crossed my desktop lately says that iLife 09 is now available in market. Focused on convergence of different application, this useful package offers some cool features that are worth having a closer look and find out how seamlessly the intuitive and user-friendly technologies are getting into our lives and changing the […]

Design Process

Exploring a few places online anyone can see how designs change over time. Innovations, newer developments, ergonomics, cost, market demands and many other factors drive the engineers to design. In the process, the better one stay in the market and gain popularity where many more fad away; beaten out by market forces. Question is where […]

Apple Upgrades its Mac Mini

One of the benefits at the Techno Station is that we and the readers here are the first to know about new developments (and rumors).

News is out and it says that Apple will launch an upgrade to its the Mac Mini, at January’s Macworld Expo (beginning Jan 5, 2009) in San Francisco, according to […]

Apple’s Time Capsule

With everything coming on computers, having and then managing backups and communications is getting vital every day. One of the central places to handle backup needs is Apple’s Time Capsule; as a 500GB or 1TB wireless hard drive (using 7,200-rpm SATA drives), it provides central storage as a network drive, plus backup capability, for both […]

Gadget of the Year

Stuff Magazine readers have rated Apple’s iPhone 3G as the “Gadget of the Year.” What followed closely were Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, Nintendo’s Wii Fit, and B&W’s Zeppelin iPod speakers. All of the products up for this honor were judged in categories including performance, design and value, as well as “cool factor”.

So what is […]

How you use your iPhone?

How you use your iPhone? Well the answers depend whom you are asking. In addition to making calls and using it as MP3 player iPhone can do much more. What is more, Apple has made it possible for anyone to create their own applications for the iPhone and this special feature is being fully utilized […]