Solar Powered SolCHAT Bluetooth Speaker Phone

solchat-bluetooth-speaker-phoneThose who are aware of scarce energy resources and also those who are conscious of what most human activities are doing to planet Earth say that the world need solar power – abundant energy resource. Many savvy concerns are offering products, large and small, that need solar power to function. Scosche has recently unveiled the SolChat Bluetooth Speaker Phone – a new solar powered gadget. Safely use it in it in a car while driving. What is more, it has a pairing capability with your mobile phone, which automatically connects when you enter your car. That means you don’t have to bother about connecting every time you come out to drive.

SolChat Bluetooth Speaker Phone has a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery with a solar panel. Sticks to the windshield of the car to collect solar energy to charge itself, and you talk hands free with. Otherwise, in case sun is out, you can recharge the SolCHAT via USB.
The Scosche solChat Bluetooth speakerphone when installed within one’s vehicle, it simply pairs up with BT enabled handsets when in range in order to give drivers the ability to talk hands free. Nicely designed unit has just three visible buttons — volume up, volume down and the all-important answer hang-up key. This comes with a USB charging cable

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