Solar Powered Air Conditioner

A useable solar powered air conditioner is finally available for use. Not so much to the general public just yet but so far to McDonald’s and the US Navy. The Greencore patented GC 10200, made in the USA with eco-friendly materials comes in two models. One is a stationary; the other is a mobile version, which requires the use of batteries. This green air conditioner is set up so that when the sun doesn’t shine it runs off the batteries that run off the power grid. In other words, it’s a hybrid air conditioner that can switch from solar to battery easily. “Using a single 170-watt solar panel, it can keep a 600 square-foot room cool”. A 600 square-foot room is about the size of a modular classrooms, a small mobile home, a single (sometimes double) room apartment and military tents.

I am sure friends of the environment will go for it and this may go a very long way in conservation of energy.

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