Small things Make a Big Difference

ilinkSaving the planet Earth is a collective responsibility of all businesses and individuals. Best thing is that awareness is increasing and most people are doing their best to slow (if not possible to stop) the environmental degradation and saving the mother Earth. Even consumers supplementing corporate efforts by using and adopting green technologies’ products.

I came across iLinc Green Meter lately. This is a wonderful software that measures carbon emission. Based on the information business and individuals can resort to collaborative technologies to reduce physical travel. Result: it will reduce business travel and save environment. What is the iLinc Green Meter? It is an automatic calculator inside iLinc web conferencing software that tracks CO2, cost and travel reductions accrued by meeting online rather than traveling.

How does it help? Say you are based in London and need to travel to attend a conference in Beijing. The iLinc Green Meter makes calculations based on your travel from London to Beijing and the standard emission rates for cars and or planes to be used for the journey to and from. Not only can an individual see his or her travel’s immediate impact on the environment, a team can tally its total, as can an entire organization. In fact, iLinc claims that users have saved two billion pounds of carbon emissions from harming the environment so far.

In a case where every bit matters, every small tools can help. Remember small things make a big difference. What are you doing in your own capacity to slow carbon emission and resulting atmospheric degradation?

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