Robots Warriors

army-robotWhen robots and computers are doing everything that men used to do, it is possible to imagine robots fighting wars. Given the fast development of robotics, it is not far when robots make take over what is conventionally done by men in arms. Aerial robots, marine robots and stationary robots, and (reportedly) space robots are carrying out reconnaissance and more tasks in armies of some developed countries.

How will robots behave on the battle field? One answer is that they will act as they are programmed. But what if someone hacks the program and or it is corrupted. Will they be able to, like human, behave as per fast unfolding scenarios in the battle field? Battle fields of Iraq and South Africa, where some trials have been carried out, points out that automatic and semi automatic robots were a failure. Reasons: malfunctioning, complexity of tasks, unpredictable terrain. That is why analysts say that the development of fighter robot does not seem practical at the moment. Research and new inventions might improve the situation though.

On a personal note, I feel that war is a dangerous thing to be left to emotionless machines. They might b employed to help human do dome tasks but they can’t be expected to judge, decide and act accordingly, as far as the present science is concerned. What holds future?

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