Ride Bricycle

bricycleThe Bricycle is a greener alternative to the conventional automobile and fun. The Bricycle is a compact, light weight single passenger vehicle that is totally enclosed fiberglass monocoque recumbent trike with electric assist, rear disc brakes, a fully independent suspension and 21 speeds. This Bricycle is powered by a 48-volt motor at the front.

“We have read and heard various commentaries about “Global Warming” and even if the scientists are only half right, it doesn’t sound good. Even though many US city’s have been dying a slow economic death for the past 30 years due to the closing of many manufacturing industries, the air is still considered polluted by the automobile. Just drive through a major US city during rush hour traffic, crawling along on a freeway at 20 mile per hour. Add an accident or mechanical breakdown to the picture and you have many hundreds or thousands of horsepower providing a high level of comfort to something that isn’t going anywhere,” reads Bricycle site. This clearly explains the concept behind the Bricycle.

Having a look at the machine, I was thinking how Bricycle can change personal transportation and how it can save money, energy and help planet Earth to stay greener. This can be a very popular solution to always increasing demand for oil. Imagine if more people start using Bricycle, this can be a best bail out for urban transport system anywhere. The Bricycle is one of many first steps toward a small, environmentally friendly commuting vehicle for use in cities and urban areas This is the concept behind the Bricycle.

Considering the amount of cars on the road, vehicles like the Bricycle might be the only way to reduce traffic. Anything that can help out with fighting overpopulation and pollution can only be a good thing.

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