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Festive season is about to start. That brings me to an idea about shopping and how people buy gifts and other products online. Shopping is an old phenomenon but the ways to shop have changed with the advent of the World Wide Web. Now savvy users turn to the Internet, look around and shop online. Shopping online is not only convenient and saves time and money, this way users can see more and compare. That is the best part and it can’t be done while shopping on ground.

Say you want to shop for one of those digital frames – a very hot item in gift market. How you compare?

What is the resolution? The resolution is the number of pixels that a digital photo frame can display. The higher the resolution the crisper the image, higher resolutions look better on larger screen sizes.

How does it look? A lot of the time your digital picture frame will be turned off so you want to ensure that the frame itself looks cool even when it isn’t displaying a photograph. The remote control enables you to change the settings on a digital picture frame from the comfort of the sofa, like with a television remote control. Wi-Fi functionality? With a Wi-Fi picture frame you are able send pictures to the frame wirelessly. They make it easy to display an ever changing collection of pictures either from your home PC or a shared collection. Some wireless frames will also enable you to email photographs directly to the frame even from your cell phone. You will need to have access to a Wi-Fi access point to make use of this.

What add-ons are acceptable? Adding a digital memory card to a photo frame increases the number of photographs it can display. If you buy a digital picture frame that accepts the same memory card as your digital camera you will be able to swap the card between the two. The list goes on and on…

We would value your thoughts in comments to help us take these half thought through ideas to something more concrete. How you buy online; gifts or any other product for that matter?

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