Office one the Move

in-dash-computerFast lane life and fierce competition demands mobile office. Thanks to collaborative and friendly technologies that this is already possible. Beyond having just a multifunctional mobile phone and laptop, Ford Work Solutions are taking another more functional approach. Ford now offers an in-dash computer with high-speed Internet access, remote computer access, GPS, and a Bluetooth wireless printer. Users can access data, generate invoices, and can perform all other business tasks while on the move. The system also features other options such as Tool Link, a RFID system to track tools needed for the job. Thais a real command post.

All you need is a truck that can take on the most demanding jobs on move. Ford Work Solutions is a technology-based product line of optional tools like In Dash Computer, Tool Link, Crew Chief and Cable Lock – designed with feedback from active users u who are out on the job, day after day, earning a living with their vehicles.

Have a look at In Dash Computer. It is a 4-gigabyte computer, developed by Magneti Marelli and powered by Microsoft Auto. Work on a bright, high-resolution 6.5” in-dash screen with wireless keyboard. Load and back up files with the built-in USB port or SD memory card slot. Make prints on an available Ford-certified, Bluetooth-enabled wireless inkjet printer. It also has full Internet connectivity right from the vehicle with the available high-speed Sprint Mobile Broadband Network. Best thing is hands-free calling and navigation.

Those who need to work from the field may love this innovative convergence of technologies on the move.

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