Nokia’s New Business Smartphone

nokia-e75Nokia E75 is a wonderful business smartphone with a full slide-out keyboard – the first from Nokia that sports a full slide-out qwerty keyboard. Handset easily fits on the palm. The design is solid and the stainless steel rim and battery cover suits neatly. The keyboard slide is spring loaded, so it snaps when open and shut. The screen is a good enough to display clear. The navigation pad is easy to use and there are dedicated home, calendar and email launch keys.
The slide-out keyboard has fairly large and well-spaced keys. The flat keys are also a decent size.

The E75 supports in all the features found in most of today’s smartphones, including Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi, GPS and a fairly basic 3.2-megapixel camera with an LED flash. Memory is upgradeable through a microSD slot, and the phone ships with a decent 4GB card as standard. Nokia has also included an accelerometer, so that the screen image automatically rotates if you turn it on its side, and will always go into landscape mode if you slide out the keyboard.
Being a business phone, the E75 includes email and a web browser as well as Quickoffice for viewing and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. There is also a fairly standard media player and, because it runs Symbian Series 60, there are a host of third-party applications for those who want more from their smartphone.

E75 is clearly aimed at the typical business user who is looking for a solid workhorse. Stay tuned for more when E75 is more accessible and tested.

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