Nikon’s D5000 – Camera for Both Professionals and Armatures

nikon-d5000-SLRAs per physics rules, big, bright, beautiful photos require big sensors and big lenses to shine on the chips. So you need small ones that take mediocre pictures and big heavy ones that take stunning photos. Nikon has been trying for a camera that falls somewhere in the middle. It is in this context that we can have a look at Nikon’s D5000 which can capture high definition video; each even has a mini-HDMI jack for connecting to your hi-def TV, has a flip-out and swiveling screen on the back.

The Nikon D5000 has interchangeable lenses, its eyepiece lets you peer out through the lens itself, it has an enormous light sensor inside, and it has no shutter lag. The D5000 has the 12.3-megapixel sensor, sensor-shaking mechanism to eliminate dust spots, and 11-point autofocus system, which makes it easier to compose focused shots.

The D5000 also has Live View mode. It makes focusing slower, but it means that you can frame your shots using the screen, if you like, instead of holding the camera to your eye. Nikon has packaged all of these professional features into a much smaller, lighter camera that is more suitable for amateurs.
Also the D5000 makes photography easier to understand by displaying a visual representation of the actual aperture inside as it grows and shrinks. The screen also indicates your shutter speed both graphically and with a fraction.

That is what make the D5000 a professional camera trapped in a consumer-cam’s body. Professional as well as armatures are welcome to try.


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