My Life is iLife

apple-ilifeApple press release that crossed my desktop lately says that iLife 09 is now available in market. Focused on convergence of different application, this useful package offers some cool features that are worth having a closer look and find out how seamlessly the intuitive and user-friendly technologies are getting into our lives and changing the way we work, live and enjoy life.

As the name suggest, iLife is a pack of applications put together into every new Macintosh and is also available for purchase from Apple. The most recent version is iLife 09 and it includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb.

Faces allow you to tag photos. And Places allows for geo-tagging of photos. This feature of iPhoto will help organize those photos by location. What is more, Flickr and Facebook support are built-in. Enhanced slideshows and travel books are also there. The photo books offer a degree of professionalism that is not found in many photo book publishers. Similarly, iMovie 09 supports animated travel maps, auto stabilization for video, drag-and-drop editing and precision editing. GarageBand too has been improved as compared to previous iLife versions. Users can “Learn to play” (guitar and piano) with GarageBand in addition to usual things that were available iLife 08. And when you have everything together, design a website to share your photos, movies, and music. That is what iLife is. Must try.

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