Music on the Bike

The Cy-Fi Bluetooth speaker is considered as the world’s first speaker for biking, boating, camping, and other most outdoor activities. The speaker supports Bluetooth-A2DP enabled cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players. The speaker is small in size and weighs less than 4 ounces. The design of the speaker allows it to be mounted on anything like the stem of a bicycle or a backpack. In addition to playing music, the Cy-Fi can also act as a Bluetooth speakerphone and supports voice recognition. The manufacturer’s claim is that the Cy-Fi’s transmission is 100% loss-less, sent from your iPod tucked safely away in your pocket. You can also control volume and skip tracks right from the speaker.

The device promises a battery life of six hours and provides the ability to remotely control the track, volume, and play list settings. Stay tuned, this tiny winy gadget will be in the market anytime soon.

Riding your bike in traffic while listening to music via earphones may be a bit dangerous, but having this facility for long rides in the wilderness may be refreshing. Will you go for it?

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