Motorola Noise Cancellation Universal Headsets

Since the advent of computers, technology is on a rise, we see a variety of new products, gadgets, new gizmos and lots of amazing stuff coming out of talented minds.

When it comes to finding them I like to search as it gives a wide range of information, also I am fond of sites like Techno Station – a portal that invites manufacturers and developers to upload their press releases (and users’ manuals) there – that are a great source of reliable and first hand information. The content (in the form of press releases as well as instruction books and users manuals) at Techno Station is created and contributed largely by the developers, manufacturers and marketers, communities of people that frequent the sites. Common users can even ask questions, and then read what informed members of the sites have to say about it. That is what makes these sites useful for anyone with a connected computer. I suggest everyone should join and add their stuff on Techno Station.

That said, a press release titled Motorola Introduces two Advanced Noise Cancellation Universal Headsets crossed my computer screen lately. This time it was not about new mobile phones, but Bluetooth headsets instead. These two new universal Bluetooth headsets are set to offer great performance where background noise cancellation is concerned, with the Motopure H15 leading the way while the H780 follows in close pursuit.

The Motopure H15 Universal Bluetooth Headset comes with a special flip design that touts to offer the best background noise cancellation according to independent testing of the top-selling dual-microphone Bluetooth headsets. As for the Motorola H780 Universal Bluetooth Headset, this model merges both style and distinct audio sound in a single device. Both headsets will feature Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology that enables users to silence the noise for clearer communications.

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