Motoring to Green Future

ecoOur future is green. I say this because I see eco-awareness exponentially growing, among consumers as well as manufacturers. Look around and you will note increasing use of eco-friendly materials at many places from eco-friendly Olympic village in China to use of weeds in building cars. And this awareness is a encouraging sign and hope for the for the greener future. Imagine what you will feel while riding a Lotus – the British sports-car company – two seater Eco Elise made from eco-friendly materials. I will feel that I am contributing in collective eco friendly efforts for a collective cause.

The Eco Elise’s interior is made from wool, instead of more traditional materials such as alcantara or leather. Some of the exterior body panels are made from hemp. There are solar panels on the roof that that provide the electricity to run the stereo and air conditioning. The rest of the body is painted with a new water-based paint developed with DuPont that is not only more environment friendly, but also cheaper to produce. Louts claims that they have been able to cut the amount of CO2 produced in more than one way during the manufacturing process.

Lotus is already recognized as Britain’s greenest car manufacturer. Lotus has also implemented a scheme to reduce its energy consumption on site by cutting the amount of electricity it uses and by researching the potential of methanol as an alternative fuel for its cars. The company recently won planning permission to build three wind turbines on its site at an old airfield. Earlier, the company had build the Tesla Roadster, the all-electric sports car that has proved a hit in American market where it is driven by celebrities and starts including George Clooney and Matt Damon.

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