Men and Machines

automationLet me start this post with one old personal observation. I remember the time when newspapers were composed manually. An army of composers used to sit in lines and put the words together for us to read with morning cup of tea. That was old time. Now things have changed. Now when I go to newsroom, I see few people sitting on computers who quickly type and the print is off the stone in a jiffy. Technologies have taken over jobs done by human hands.

Have a look around and see how seamlessly technologies are taking over jobs from fighting (remember the drone attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan) to massaging and a whole lot in between. There was “one robot per 10 workers in Japan, Italy and Germany in 2004,” says a report. This ration has surely increased since then.

This automation is changing the way we work (and even live). What are the societal repercussions? One the on hand this is creating a major wide gap between developed and developing societies and on the other hand this will increase unemployment all over the world including developed and more connected world.

No one will suggest stopping automation or reversing the wheel of development. But what analysts are thinking is how to have equilibrium. What you think is the possible balance point?

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