Manage the Manuals

Users Manuals have always been here. They are here at least since the advent of technology and availability of products. Almost every one has a collection of instruction manuals; some stash them somewhere in their house, some put them in files and folders and some other throw them away to go to recycle.

Search for users’ manuals start when people need instructions for some old vacuum cleaner, or water filter, or a dishwasher or a new iPhone. Sadly, they are not found when most needed and a wild hunt starts. Sometime users have to go to customers’ services of the respective product just to find an answering machine giving not so much required instructions. What is worst, some time users may get the answer that help for an old product is not available as the company has abandoned the production of some old model.

That is an old story. Now savvy people can save, sort, organize, manage and most importantly use users’ manuals online. There are so many ways to keep the manuals but finding them on a specialized portal is one of the most convenient. No clutter. Just go to the portal and click to go to the required part of the updated manual. It is as easy as that. Frequent users can bookmark the site and keep it handy. The best part is that developers and manufacturers can keep the manuals updated every time.

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