Look At My iPhone

In old ages, necessity was a mother of invention, as they say. Now web technological collaboration and users’ base who can afford are inspirations behind what is being invented. The iPhone – good mix of hardware, software, industrial design, Internet services and receptive market – is case in point.

The iPhone is a cool gadget that does a lot of cool things and everyone would like to have and use one. The iPhone may not be a revolutionary as it has features that were already there in use. Manufacturers have only have combined all those cool features in one small magic box.

How have they done it? In the iPhone manufacturers have replaced hardware with software (ok most of it). What is more, a number of manufacturers (Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sanyo and many others) are developing more features to be added into iPhone. Already iPhone has a lot. Like the who has experienced Apple iPhone know that there is no instant messaging program on the phone, just text messaging; the camera lacks zoom, flash and video some of these features may be added later through software updates.

Industry trend watchers are expecting a more broadly accessible phone, available across multiple carriers, to steal some of the iPhone’s thunder. It is interested to keep an eye on one of the hottest gadget that is creating waves in the market. Stay tuned and see what is coming next, better still experience the advancement of technologies.

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