Light Sport Aircraft on the Road

terrafugiaWhat you call a lane that can drive down the road? Is it a, aircraft, a car or both? Call what you want to but the news is that the first ever flying automobile is being developed and it is expected to be out in the air (and on road) any time next year.

The Terrafugia Transition can transform itself from a two seater road car to a plane in 15 seconds. Does it sounds like a scene straight out of the fiction film? This magic automobile is powered by the same 100bhp engine on the ground and in the air. Claim of the manufacturer is that it will be able to fly up to 500 miles on a single tank of petrol at a cruising speed of 115mph. The wings fold up automatically and all the parts are in one vehicle. It is easy to keep and run since it uses normal unleaded fuel and will fit into a space of a normal car. Anyone can take off, fly, land and drive down straight to own garage. No runways!

This landmark aircraft under development might need some major changes in the existing infrastructure. Over about 6,000 public airports in the U.S may not be enough it this project gets going. What you think about this?

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