Let Machines Do the Hard Job

modular-drive-programmable-shape-machineIn the age of increased automation, some of the hardest jobs have been taken up by machines. Results: convenience, better human resources utilization and increased productivity.

The Modular Drive Programmable Shape Machine is a case in point here. It is one of the only few product in the industry that allows the user to configure one machine for various automated applications, now and in the future.

The Modular Drive Programmable Shape Machine is an easy to use 2-axis machine which you can program to run any contour or pattern for both welding or cutting applications. A handheld terminal supplied with the machine is used to program the required shape and operation sequence. Other functions besides moves can be programmed, such as repeats, starts, stops, delays, and rapid traverse. Twenty programs can be stored in machine memory at any one time.

With the machine comes an optional computer software program that allows users to can select pre-programmed shapes or create their own custom shapes, and store and edit any number of them on disk. Selected shapes can then be downloaded to the machine as and when needed.
The Modular Drive Programmable Shape Machine is compact and portable and can be easily carried anywhere. The system can be customized to run on all types of Bug-O rail. It is held in position with either powerful permanent magnets or vacuum cups, depending on the work material that you might be using. This enables you to take the machine to the work, which will help reduce your material handling.

Are you still using human resources to do this job?  Better automate it and save your workforce.

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