Laptop or Cell Phone

hp-netbookLaptops and cell phone are converging; laptops are shrinking in size and price where as cell phones are expanded in size and capabilities. It seems that soon both the gadgets will fully overlap each others’ functionalities.

Tiny laptops, called netbooks with built-in cellular modems, at low, subsidized prices are already in market. Now Verizon Wireless – one of the largest U.S. wireless carrier – is going to follow selling a netbook model made by Hewlett-Packard.

The H-P Mini 1151NR, a version of H-P’s Mini 1000 series with a cellular modem built-in sports a 10.1-inch screen, and yet is very compact. It weighs just 2.45 pounds, is about an inch thick, and is only about 10 inches long and 6.5 inches deep. It has an Intel Atom processor, common in netbooks; runs Windows XP; and includes one gigabyte of memory, a built-in Webcam and an 80-gigabyte hard disk. Like most netbooks, it includes Wi-Fi, but lacks a DVD drive.

This netbook seems an adequate light-duty computer. The Verizon H-P netbook works at a reasonable speed. I can download and run common third-party programs like Firefox and iTunes. The built-in Verizon software for managing the cellular and Wi-Fi connections also works well, and can be upgraded to a new version with added features.

Those who travel a lot and like using a cellular modem, the machine is compelling. Give it a whirl.


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