KTM Zero Emissions Motorcycle

ktm-zero-emissions-motorcycleThe technological trend in vehicle technology is so clearly heading in the direction of low emission sources. After eclectic cars, now we are seeing production of motorbikes with eclectic power. One of the most promising example is KTM’s work on a sports enduro with electric drive. The company has been successfully testing a fully functional electric, zero local emissions enduro prototype motorcycle since mid 2008 and has now announced that mass production is set to begin in 2010. This is one of the biggest welcome steps towards greener Earth that will surely make a difference in more than one ways.

The EV Enduro will have a 9.5 hp electric motor that will develop 40 Nm (29 ft/lb) of torque and will carry lithium ion batteries capable of lasting one hour under full load. The battery pack and electric motor together weigh around 17kg.

Zero Emissions Electric Motorcycle products are a great opportunity to broaden the appeal of sports motorcycles to a wider audience and allow increased access to areas where noisy combustion engine bikes are currently banned or are being considered to be banned. Analysts are predicting that Zero Emissions Motorcycle is a truly landmark motorcycle and one which will no doubt be creating waves through motorcycle and sports industries around the world.

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