Kitchen Composter

Kitchen Composter

Landfill sites emit 10% of the poisonous gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. In order to reduce the amount of waste that is left for landfills, more re-use and recycling of waste products is imperative. An easy way to reduce household waste by 30% is a kitchen composter. The Max Air kitchen composter bin is a biodegradable bag that prevents the growth of fruit flies. All scraps can be thrown in this bin liner, and when full it can be added to your garden compost bin, where it will then begin to break down. Kitchen Composter breaks down kitchen waste by “digesting” organic food waste at room temperature using a proprietary blend of microbes and yeast cells.

An easy and simple way to start making a difference and even your children can actively help. Fresh, clean fertilizer for your garden; less waste for landfill; clearer conscience: all for very little cost.

When time to start a garden comes, and you mean to get out and pick up something to help you turn organic waste into nutrient-rich soil additive, try Kitchen Composter. Kitchen Composter by Compostadores, BluePlanetSMART, Happy Farmer Kitchen Composter, NatureMill, Sharp and some other companies are already available in the market. Try one and make the difference at your own level. You can.

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