iPhone Network

The iPhone is in hot demand? With a new and natural interface, good camera, GPS and a lot more, it’s no wonder that its users’ base is growing exponentially.

Let us imagine the identity implications here. The iPhone follows you, where you go. In essence, it in many ways is a part of you, and your identity. What if developers were to require real identify information and share with others to prove who you are. Much better authentication and security would be needed on the iPhone to keep this safe. If the iPhone were to already collect this information from the user for us, we’d have quite a useful app on our hands! Having a real identity to associate with each user, where they are at any moment is very powerful.

This is why the iPhone needs to have a Profile. Given that and the GPS support, a contacts list, and applications that can access that data and communicate back and forth, iPhone can form one of the world’s largest Social Networks. With such a network, huge monetization potential may follow soon. Give iPhone a profile and what may follow is anyone’s guess.

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