If all else fails, read the manual

Have you ever thought why users call customers support? Mostly users call when they don’t get the right answers in accompanying the users’ manuals, if there is one along with the product. Large number of manufacturers doesn’t supply a user manual with their products in the first place and some of those who do, do not answers all questions.

Manufacturers and marketing professionals often tend to underestimate importance of a nicely written user manual and they find their way out of selling products without the manual. “Who reads,” they reason out.

So, who reads manuals? There are many categories of users. Some new users would get outside help to install a product like setting up a computer. Yes, it is still common particularly with the first time users. Another category would make a call to customers’ support and ask for step wise help. Many users tend to buy a product, rip it from the box, plug it in, and turn it on. They do not read the manuals. “If all else fails, read the manual,” is what they believe.

There is a large number of users who buy a product, open the box, remove and read the manual, remove the product from the box as per the instructions, install and operate the product per the instructions. It is for this category of users that companies need to supply a well written users’ manual that should act as company’s representative.

Recommendation; make a useful and worth reading user’s manual and save your customers from looking elsewhere for help.

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