HP Adds ProBook to EliteBook Line

elitebookHP – one of the world’s largest technology company – has introduced its newest line of business notebook models. The new ProBook machine will join the EliteBook line to fill out a a gap that was felt in the HP product line. The EliteBook line’s claim to fame has been lightweight and durability, but the ProBook range provides what HP refers to as a business chic design.

The HP ProBook s-series includes HP ProBook 4410s and HP ProBook 4415s, HP ProBook 4510s, HP ProBook 4515s, HP ProBook 4710s and the HP USB 2.0 Docking Station. 

The new ProBook will have a case design which aim to provide a minimalist look, offered in a merlot finish as well as several sleek designs.
The new ProBooks come with three screen sizes (14in, 15.6in and 17.4in), with the option of AMD or Intel processors on the two smaller models and Intel Core 2 Duo chips for the larger system. Users will also have the option of onboard or discrete graphic cards, and a choice of Wi-Fi or HP Gobi mobile broadband antennas. The machines come with Windows or SuSE Linux operating systems.

The new machine is expected to be a good combination of low cost, blend of features and professional innovation and style.
Have a great user experience with new ProBook.

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