How you use your iPhone?

How you use your iPhone? Well the answers depend whom you are asking. In addition to making calls and using it as MP3 player iPhone can do much more. What is more, Apple has made it possible for anyone to create their own applications for the iPhone and this special feature is being fully utilized by software developers to create new and innovative uses for the phone. Hence it is no more possible to fully see the possible uses. Only some of them can be surmised here.

Developers are seeing iPhone as a major engine for social media. Apple has already made it possible to access the like of Facebook with just as much ease as you would expect from using a computer. You can download new release games for a better gaming experience.

The software available for the iPhone is growing at such a faster rate and users can now visit sites that offer free downloads. Here you can get instant downloads for anything from software, applications, games, music and video to the latest releases. Sites that offer software to take advantage of the possible uses of the iPhone are also growing at the same rate. Users can get massive reference volumes for the iPhone like a dictionary; it has 10 different variations of the standard calculator for business and scientific use and for conversions.

Driven by human curiosity, newer inventions and more iPhone applications are coming into the receptive market. In addition to the standard ones, additional iPhone applications may include programs from various categories (from mathematics to games, entertainment, news, productivity, search tools, socializing, sports, travel, utilities, weather to much more). These additional applications can be downloaded through the official iPhone web site. The process involves the selection of what new application the individual would like to download. For example if the game category is selected the next screen reveals the available games that can be downloaded onto the iPhone. Generally, once the game is selected the Internet user is redirected to another web site which represents a company that provides these various applications.

How you are using your iPhone, or how you intend to?

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