High Speed Imaging with Phantom v310

phantom-v310Vision Research – a manufacturer of high-speed digital imaging systems – presents a new standard for affordable, high-performance 1 megapixel digital high-speed cameras with the Phantom v310.

Main claim to fame is taking the wide view with Vision Research custom-designed 1280×800 CMOS sensor. The wide aspect ratio of the v310 allows you to keep moving subjects in-frame longer and see more of the event you are recording. The v310 is controlled by feature-rich Phantom Software. Those who have used any Phantom camera before will know how to run the v310. Have you used any before?

Add Vision Research’s CineMag and CineStation to your shoot and you will be able to capture data at the highest throughput of the camera, down load it rapidly (16 GB in approx 16 seconds), and have the camera ready for the next shot. This compares to 16 GB in 15 minutes or longer without the CineMag.

The VRI Phantom v310 comes in two base models, either with or without a CineMag interface and comes in either color or monochrome configurations.Ideal for a number of applications, including scientific research, product development, and ballistics and explosions testing, the v310 offers an impressive performance ratio that sets a new industry standard for one-megapixel digital high-speed cameras.

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