High Resolution Inspection and Measurement Systems

visiongaugeThe VisionGauge® high resolution, wide-field-of-view measurement systems use specialized long-working-distance telecentric optics to produce extremely crisp & clear imagery with extremely low distortion. Different configurations are available with field-of-views as wide as 4.5″ (approx. 115 mm). These systems also include a high-resolution digital color camera and are capable of resolutions as fine as 0.001″ (approx. 25 um).

VisionGauge® high-resolution, wide-field-of-view measurement systems come with both transmitted & reflected illumination and, as an option, can also include an adapted X-Y-Theta positioning mechanisms for quick & easy part alignment.

These inspection and measurement systems are built around the industry-standard VisionGauge® software package. As such, they support all of the tools and functionality of the Standard Edition of the VisionGauge® software package and provide all of the benefits, power and ease-of-use of VisionGauge®.

VISIONx high-accuracy inspection and measurement systems are ideal for low volume inspection, measurement and documentation of parts measuring a few inches.

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