Hi-Pa Drive Ford F150

200_f150The Ford F-150 with its 320 HP V-8 may be one idea of a ‘muscle’ pickup truck. But a small UK electric motor company did some innovative rethinking of this American icon. It yanked the drivetrain, gearbox, transmission, engine, exhaust, gas tank, and the differential. Then it installed 66 lb (30 kg) ‘Hi-Pa Drive’ pancake motors on each wheel and a 40 kW battery. The result: a screaming 600 HP vehicle that can go 100 miles (160 km) on one charge. Each wheel is a generator that recaptures the kinetic energy lost during braking.

The Hi-Pa Drive Ford F150 is raising the bar for the next generation of cars and trucks we drive by proving there is a viable way to eliminate the oil, carbon emissions and cost from the vehicle while not sacrificing power while adding more room, and design options. Specifically, the Hi-Pa Drive system and development platform gives the Ford F150:

More power

Its four Hi-Pa Drive motors deliver more power and torque than the 320 horsepower 5.4 liter V8 engine they replaced.

Lower costs

It eliminates the engine, transmission, drive shaft, differentials, exhaust system and supporting subsystems from the vehicle, making it simpler and more profitable to build trucks and SUVs while dramatically reducing maintenance costs.

Less emissions

With the current battery and configuration, this fully electric version of the F150 has projected range of l up to 100 miles on a charge with zero emissions.

More range

Configured as series plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the truck could get well over 100 miles per gallon and easily extend vehicle range five to ten fold with a small tank of gas.

More choice for consumers

By giving engineers and designers the space, flexibility and freedom to design more innovative, appealing and fuel efficient larger vehicles.

The fully electric Hi-Pa Drive ™ Ford F150 includes:

  • Four Hi-Pa Drive motors each weighing 66 pounds, so unsprung weight is not an issue
  • A propulsion system that replaces the engine transmission, drive shaft, differentials, axles, exhaust system and supporting subsystems
  • A configuration that leaves room for a powerful 40 kilowatt hour battery that fits inside the existing chassis– plus more space for passenger and cargo.
  • The flexibility to control each wheel independently, or all together – the truest form of all wheel drive.

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