Health Guide PHS6000

health-guide-phs6000Intel is developing Health Guide that will work at home. A small device about the size of a small-form-factor PC, the Health Guide PHS6000 is a small white box with a flip-up 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen, a webcam with privacy shield, and a touchscreen. Inside it is an undisclosed Intel processor and motherboard, together with Bluetooth and four USB ports. The Health Guide requires a broadband connection, which it uses to connect to doctors and healthcare professionals, and to download content onto its small hard drive.

Intel designed the interface, which is both spare and functional, allowing users to access contact numbers for their doctors, schedule appointments, and upload new medical data via a small line of connected health devices, such as glucose meters and blood-oxygen sensors, that are already on the market from third-party suppliers. The webcam also allows the patient to videoconference with a nurse or healthcare provider, possibly its most important function.

Health Guide includes a clinician-facing suite of services that allows access to a patient’s healthcare data and vital information. It allows a nurse to schedule appointments and follow-up visits, and set alerts in case a patient’s blood pressure, glucose levels, or other key indicators show a dangerous change. Medical people can set up a series of questions to guide a patient through a self-diagnosis, with questions about his sleep habits or general state of health. What is more, the integrated webcam can also permit a personal consultation without the need for a visit.

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