Ground to Air Transition

terrafuqia-transition-carReaders here at Techno Station are familiar with the flying car w introduced on this space earlier. Now a US firm has announced the first successful test flights for a flying vehicle – two seater Terrafuqia Transition car that runs on unleaded petrol and has foldable wings. The wings can be deployed automatically in about 30 seconds, and the car can take off and cruise for about 400 miles without refueling.

Once airborne the vehicle is capable of flying at 115mph and uses about five gallons of fuel per hour to drive the rear-facing propeller. As a car it gives approximately 30 miles to the gallon in normal use.

While the ‘drivers’ will have to be qualified pilots, the Fedral Aviation Authority has recently opened up a new class of license for light-sport aircraft, which can be obtained easily.

The successful test flight has turned so many myths into reality and it is expected that this breakthrough innovation would greatly change the world of personal mobility and travel will become becomes a hassle free integrated land air experience.

What is more, around 40 people have got it booked for them. Many more seems to be willing to take the wings.

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