Go Digital With Canon PowerShot G9

powershotCanon’s high-end PowerShot digital cameras incorporate the creative performance of a professional digital SLR camera and the compact convenience of a point-and-shoot. That is one thing, above many others, that makes Canon stand out among the rest. Take a web walk for amateur or professional cameras and you will sure be lead to Canon PowerShot G9.

PowerShot is 12.1-megapixel CCD that is enough to capture detail for photo-quality, poster-size prints, 6x image-stabilized optical zoom; 3.0-inch LCD display; optical viewfinder. The camra supports face detection technology and in-camera red-eye fix with 25 shooting modes (including Auto, P Program, Av Aperture-priority, Tv Shutter-priority, Manual, C Custom and Switch AssistMovie). It comes with 32MB MMC memory card for image storage and is powered by NB-2LH lithium-ion battery.

Both professional and amateur photographers can have a go with Canon Powershot G9 that stands out in terms of image quality and functionality. You can shoot images in raw format for pure photo quality. You can also shoot in standard JPG compression format so you can store more photos on your storage card.


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