Geo Engineering

geo-engineeringGiven the growing usage of technology on an almost unimaginable scale, emissions is going up despite the awareness and so many efforts to save the planet Earth. “Whatever we do is likely to lead to death on a scale that makes all previous wars, famines and disasters small,” note one scientist. This has given birth to a newer discipline of science called Geo Engineering.

Geo Engineering is β€œan instance of planetary engineering. Geo Engineering is the deliberate modification of Earth’s environment on a large scale “to suit human needs and promote habitability”. Typically, the term is used to describe attempts to counter the effects of human-induced climate change. However, others define it more narrowly as focusing only on the mineralogy and hydrology of the Earth. The term Geo Engineering is distinct from environmental damage and accidental anthropogenic climate change, which are side-effects of human activity, rather than an intended consequence. Definitions of the term are not universally accepted,” reads Wikipedia.

Is Geo Engineering a solution? The world scientist are debating this question. Some say no while some are of the opinion that it could give the world a chance to come to realize more; act more. Generally speaking, so far we have not been able to stop global warming. We need to begin taking more actions to limit global greenhouse emissions, but more than a decade after the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, the world has utterly failed to do so.

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