Gender Preferences


Lately, a survey about gender computing preferences crossed my desk top. The survey cover a lot of areas from what men and women do differently when online. Inspired by the survey, we at Techno Station presents our own empirical observations.

Machines cant differentiate between users; who is man and who is women. But users’ preferences and the ways users work on computers can clearly indicate who is who? Male users prefer faster download speed to easier navigation and quick toggling between portals and multi tasking. Female users prefer easier usage, easier navigations, and easier accessibility instead.

Male and female have consensus that that easier usage is one of the most important factor in assessing website usability. It is in the second most important factor that gender differences come into play. Men prefer fast download speeds second, while women prefer easy navigation. Customization was found to be the least important factor in web usability , consistent with a previous design factors research.

At Techno Station, we know that more women would read press releases and or users manuals where as male world prefer learning by doing. Exactly as men would be less likely to ask for directions while lost while to-ing and fro-ing in a new area, male users are less likely to go through details and users instructions before hitting action keys on any gadget they might be using. Female are more likely to learn before they use the product.

What are your observations? How you prefer?

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