Gadget of the Year

Stuff Magazine readers have rated Apple’s iPhone 3G as the “Gadget of the Year.” What followed closely were Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, Nintendo’s Wii Fit, and B&W’s Zeppelin iPod speakers. All of the products up for this honor were judged in categories including performance, design and value, as well as “cool factor”.

So what is iPhone for you? Browsing the web on iPhone is a treat and has made mobile web enjoyable. The visual elements, its ability to render images and graphics is superior than any other device. Fans of iPod will love it too as it packs the popular audio features and capabilities in one sleek gadget. If you are all about email, many consider Blackberry to be much better but the new push capabilities of iPhone are quite appealing. The touch interface is intuitive and easy. The GPS and Google map works quite well with the iPhone. There are many interesting new applications available which utilize GPS. This brings another interesting point: the very profitable Apple Store business model, which has resulted in huge number of interesting applications (some are free) available for download. Both the developers and Apple benefit from this approach.

If you have the original iPhone, no worries – it is good enough for most purposes. If you want to take the phone from US/EU to Pakistan, you are better off with the non-3G edition as 3G is non-existent in Pakistan. For US residents note that depending on your location, you may be on EDGE as 3G coverage is still limited and ATT network is mediocre. The email (push, support for exchange) of the new iPhone allows it to be easily adopted by professionals and companies. Notwithstanding the bugs and issues it still has, iPhone is already creating waves in the industry and is expected to go a long way.

How you rate iPhone? Give it a try and share.

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