Future Car

2007 Chevrolet Volt ConceptAutomotive manufactures are doing great efforts to get out of the ongoing global economic recession and also to keep the buyers engaged by offering new twists in automotive design and function.

All the future cars are both extremely fascinating and trendy. As we see in the insight offered by manufacturers or on display at your local auto show, they all look like the shinny ultra cool. Ever new car is much better in safety, and styling issues than the previous model. That is what makes discussing future cars very difficult indeed.

Similarly older trends are fading slowly. Newer one taking place instead. Let me ask you a question. How you unlock your car? Do you still use actual key to unlock a car door? Empirical observation shows that most new cars come with key fobs. The newest of cars come with proximity sensors that unlock the doors as long as you have the key fob in your pocket or purse. In fact, the current generation of the Toyota Prius with the proximity sensor only has a tiny key hidden in the fob.

There are some more trends I see fading. That is what gives an impression that it won’t be too long from now until demand driven car makers do away with the key entirely and many other things we see being used in cars today.

What you think? Any insight how you see the future car?

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