Flex Hours

Internet technologies have already changed the way we live and work. Collaborative technologies have given ways to telecommuting and many savvy concerns are taking advantages. Figures recently released by the CBI indicate that 46 per cent of UK businesses now entertain telecommuting as compared to just 14 per cent in 2006.

Now the advancement in the Internet technologies such as Wi-Fi has greatly enhanced the ability of employers to enable flexible working. Wi-Fi connectivity is enabling employers to allow much more flexible working.

It will become easier to layout an office without the need for plugs and wires but at the same time the cost is an issue in terms of purchasing the equipment, training staff and monitoring the productivity of flexible workers. It is tradeoff. “You can spend on employment of newer technologies and take advantages and can save on work spaces, commuting and energy expenses,” says Prof. Norbert. Given choice, what you think?

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