Experimental Walking Assist

Honda Motor is a very innovative concern focused on mobility. In addition to cars and motorbikes, Honda has lately (April last year) displayed experimental model of a walking assist device which could support walking for the elderly and other people with frail health and or weak legs. The intensive study of human walk as well as the research and development of modern technologies on the project started as back as 1999. The project is well underway now.

The Experimental Walking Assist is design to be worn with a belt around the hip and thigh and its own weight is just 2.8kg. This light device reduces (read balances) the user’s load on leg muscles and knees by supporting a portion of the users’ weight and can fit to different body shapes.

The user can fasten it with a belt around the hip and thigh, then straps into a pair of shoes attached to it. A seat fits between the users’ legs like a small pad . The device is powered by a lithium ion battery that can last about two hours (as long as the user is not walking faster than 2.8 miles per hour).

Experimental Walking Assist is one of the best examples how technologies are helping humans in life and work. This alone could be a great help to those who are suffering from any impairment and or illness.

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