Enter Your Headset Design and Win

One of the best ways to innovate is to get the ideas from consumers. The trend is growing fast when companies solicit ideas from consumers and turn them into products. Those who have been to the Music Headset Competition which started on Oct 1, 2008 may already be familiar with design contest that asks anyone to submit designs for Nokia headsets (like the BH-501, BH-503, BH-903 and BH-604). Five winning design concepts actually will come to real-life as fully working products and showcased as a collection in Nokia’s flagship stores. And as you can probably guess from the images on display in the gallery, the ‘anything goes’ rule definitely applies. Are Nokia’s Bluetooth stereo headsets, such as the B¬H-604 and BH-501 uninspiring?

The gallery is littered with quirky design entries, but the good news is the public gets to choose which ones end up on the final top 10 list. The competition will run till the end of December, so at least vote for the ones you do like bef¬ore something like this ends up in stores.
Best thing is that you get to vote on the designs, so if the over the top designs are too much for you just vote for the simpler designs and there are some of those too. However, if you’re ready to see headphones take a more artistic plunge then of course you can lean towards the eccentric styles. BTW, I have voted for mad Monkey.

This isn’t the first time a company hosts a design competition. Earlier last year, HP and MTV held a global design contest, and now the winning design can be found in the market.

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