Eco Friendly Movito Scooter

movito-scooterThose who are familiar with Tai Chiem of Melbourne Australia might be aware about the in-wheel electric motor – which helps reduce emissions and frees up space, allowing for a lighter, more efficient frame- that won the coveted prize. The Create the Future contest winners were chosen by an independent panel of design engineers and managers.

The design for an eco-friendly Movito scooter looks good and it is best for short trips. Movito is an electric scooter that will have people attracted to it, and not just because it is electric, but because it is so functional. It is expected that the two tone colors and beautiful lines will make this scooter in high demand; particularly in female population and urban consumers. Different body configurations are part of the plan to make this more marketable.

Movito uses an electric motor currently employed in solar-powered racing cars. Movito features a modular base system that allows for different ‘bodies’ to be attached to a common base as well as featuring added convenience such as GPS, touch screen interface, rechargeable batteries, in-wheel motor and helmet storage. Movito is classy and functional, appealing to free spirited individuals.


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