Early Bird Clock Wakes Me Up

early-bird-alarm-clockEarly to bed and early to rise in the best policy of most successful people. But the fast lane life and connected lifestyle has been changing this divine practice and now most people stay awake late night and find it difficult to wake up early in the morning. That is where technology comes to help. Alarm clock has been one of the universal method to help wake up in the morning, though no one like those jarring sounds.

Thanks to Early Bird clock from Fred that wakes you up with the chirping of a bird – sound that is pleasant enough to listen every morning. And it is loud enough to shake you up from the deep sleep. Besides this it is a normal analog clock with a little bird on top of it.

The Fred site reads, “Wake up to the tweet sound of birdsong, Aren’t you tired of being jarred into consciousness each morning by a rude buzz-ing alarm? Early Bird will awaken you gently and sweetly with woodsy chirping and a little bird icon that pulses and glows. This traditional analog alarm is a breeze to set and features automatic snooze. We think you’ll wake up chirpy and chipper each morning. Tweet dreams.” I like this.

On a personal note, I live at a place where I get up while listening to humming birds on trees around. And I like that. That is why I was considering to have this little gadget inside my backpack so that I can hear the simulation anywhere I happen to be sleeping away from home.


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