Diamond Studded BlackBerrys

diamond-studded-blackberryThis generation can claim seeing so many now taken for granted technologies coming of age in front of their eyes. I remember when rare users of the cell phones were spotted hanging big satchel on their shoulders carrying their cell phones. Then we saw sleekest, smartest and designers cell phones; some of them even being used as a piece of jewelry. Before almost anyone could afford one, BlackBerrys were a status symbol in itself. Once again they are becoming a status symbol; for the rich ones (price range is from $7000 to $20,000 plus). Not only that some of the cell phones have already become collectors’ delight.

Collectors and those who can afford may have a look at BlackBerry Diamond Pearl collection Amosu Luxury Ltd – creators of some of the most lavish, jewel-encrusted and precious-metal mobile phones on the market. They make the BlackBerry Diamond Pearl to order. What is more, when you get bored with the last year’s shimmer, you can go for another handset in the future and Amosu will recycle and reuse your diamonds in your phone’s replacement.

My own wish list is pretty long one. I do want to have this one (to show off because my iPhone is good enough to make calls and for SMSing ) when I can afford. Don’t you?


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