Devulcanize Waste Tires and Walk Green

timberlandUsing a proprietary chemical reactant to devulcanize rubber, Green Rubber has found a way to recycle old auto tires. The company process the shredded tires to yield a 100% recycled form or a 50/50 blend of recycled plus virgin material. Soon, the blend is being used by Timberland to make soles for the shoes.

Putting trashed tires back in use (other than burning them during demonstrations on roads) is a big achievement on more than one account. Many rubber products will be made of vulcanized rubber, which is created by adding sulfur and heat to virgin rubber in order to make a tougher, more durable material.

Green Rubber, with its DeLink reactant, a proprietary mixture of chemicals that breaks the sulfur bonds in rubber, is recycling old tires. Tires are first shredded into crumbs for the reactant to fully work. Green Rubber offers the resulting product either as 100 percent Green Rubber compound or a 50/50 mixture of Green Rubber compounds and virgin rubber.

Timberland, the first company to commercially use Green Rubber in footwear, is using the 50/50 blend in 200,000 pairs of shoes late this year. When shoes made with Green Rubber wear out, the soles can be reused by the Green Rubber company and recycled again, and Timberland is working on a plan for how to take back and disassemble boots.

That is what they call walking green.

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