Design Process

design-processExploring a few places online anyone can see how designs change over time. Innovations, newer developments, ergonomics, cost, market demands and many other factors drive the engineers to design. In the process, the better one stay in the market and gain popularity where many more fad away; beaten out by market forces. Question is where is it leading us – the users?

Apple users interested in design evolution might remember the Apple I mother board that was made in 1976 and Apple II in 1977. The rest on the memory lane is all history. Apple design process reads, “There were three evaluations required at the inception of a product idea: a marketing requirement ¬document, an engineering requirement document, and a user-¬experience document,” Norman recalls. Rolston elabo¬rates: “Marketing is what people want; engineering is what we can do; user experience is ‘Here’s how people like to do things.” And this is what has driven apple design from Apple to MacBook Air and more.

It was once said that ‘whatever was to be invented has been invented.’ It only proved wrong. Given the rapid development being seen in all fields of human activities, no one can say any such thing ever. On the contrary, now scientists, engineers as well as users can run their imagination and chances are that all imagination may come true one day; sooner or later.

So what you see coming next by Apple and other industry giants? As a users what you want from Apple and other manufacturers. Reveal your imagination. May be some day you can see them in tangible form.

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