Cool Tool Checks Temp at Safe Distance

infrared-laser-sighted-thermometer1INFRARED THERMOMETER: Allows temperature readings at a distance without the need for direct contact with the surface.
Provides temperature readings from -58° to 752°F (or -50° to 400°C).
LASER ACCURACY: Built-in laser provides increased accuracy of measurement – where you place the dot is where you are reading the temperature.
POINT, CLICK AND READ: Squeeze the trigger, align the laser dot on the area you need to measure, and read the display.
LARGE LCD SCREEN WITH BACKLIGHT Large screen provides easy reading and automatic backlight assures readability in light or dark conditions.
COMFORTABLE GRIP Easy to hold, pistol-grip design.
AUTOMATIC POWER OFF Automatically shuts off after 15 seconds to conserve battery life & prevent dead batteries.

APPLICATIONS: Checking engine and cylinder temperatures, bearings, HVAC systems, checking for hot or cold air leaks, equipment overheating, furnace and oven exteriors, electrical panels, fuses, wiring, ballasts, heat exchangers, and just about any surface in a hard to get at area where reading a temperature can indicate a problem.

There is also a Pocket Infrared Thermometer: Just 3-3/8″ long. Fits in your shirt pocket, so its always with you when you need it. Small in size, but big in performance.


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