Choose a Toaster

Toasters are very commonly used products. Those who follow the evolution of different technological tools know that the pop-up toaster was invented in the 1920s and now many manufacturers are offering different types of toasters to meet the varying needs consumers all over the world.

Toasters come in a variety of exterior finishes, such as chrome, copper, brushed metal, and colors. Of the “millions of toasters sold annually, two-slice models outsell four-slicers by about 3 to 1. More than 90 percent of toaster ovens sold are equipped with a broiler function. Most toaster ovens are countertop models, though a few under-the-cabinet models are sold,’ reads a report.

Given the choices, it is some time overwhelming to choose the best for your needs? Best is to find a toaster with the features that suit your unique needs.

Toasters that have a plastic housing are less likely to retain heat and feel hot to fingers than those made of metal. It’s important never to operate a toaster or toaster oven and leave the room. While we’ve had no problems in the lab with tested models, it’s probably a good idea to unplug your toaster or toaster oven when you’re not using it.

For ease of use, select a model with an electronic touchpad and a porcelain interior. Some toaster come with nonstick pans. The more-compact models’ width and depth are about 16×12 inches. A large model can be 20×17 inches.

What I always look for is a toaster that can back my bread uniformly. How you choose yours?

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