Chill Out with Compressed Air

The Coldstream Air Gun from Meech International is an ideal solution for companies looking to replace liquid coolants in machining operations. Not only do these air guns provide a cold airflow for cooling but they also serve to prolong the life of cutting tools.

The air guns themselves are powered solely by compressed air and can reduce outlet temperature by as much as 34° C below inlet temperature. When running at 80psi inlet air pressure they will consume 10, 15, 25 or 35 cfm.  Manufactured from stainless steel, the guns contain no moving parts and are, therefore, maintenance free. Each gun is supplied with two silencers for operator comfort, a magnetic base for ease of mounting and adjustable temperature control for optimum performance.

A perfect application for the Coldstream Air Gun is the re-cutting of saw blades. This procedure generates high temperatures through friction and can result in a reduction in the life span of the cutting tool and high tool damage rates.  These problems can be overcome by positioning a Meech Coldstream Air Gun over the point of contact between the tool and blade.  The airflow will cool the blade enough to prevent fracturing, snapping or burning.

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