Changing Technology


How is technology changing? How changing technologies are bringing visible changes in work places (as well as life)? What difference it is making? The technology that was hot and hip only some ten years ago seems form stone age today. Look back at what gadgets you have been using in the past and then compare them with what you use today and you will know the differences.

I started computing (with DOS operating system) in around 1998. It was a rare phenomenon then. It was totally different. So were many other things in my personal us. Newspapers were written with longhand and or composed alphabet by alphabet. Photos were taken developed and then plate transferred on paper.

And now! Remember when Apple surprised users with the first appearance of the MacBook Air, the world’s (then) thinnest notebook. Imagine in 1998, Apple users were as happy to use their first iMac, the Bondi Blue. Yes, it was marketed as a computer for the Internet age – hence the “i” of iMac. Bondi Blue delivered plenty of style and newfangled USB ports. What it lacked was storage (just 4GB) and a floppy drive.

I was just wondering if Techno Station readers remember what they have been using in the past?

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