Change Your Body with the Fitness Club

I have always been thinking that I am not chubby, I only look chubby. But those who are suffering from obesity may appreciate the physical as well as social problems of extra contours around the waist and elsewhere. If you are the one suffering, have a look at Fitness Cube – a 30-in-1 exercise machine disguised as a high tech piece of furniture.

Fitness Cube can be easily moved from one place to another because its weight is 15kg only. The Fitness Cube is designed to blend into a any modern living rooms settings. Unlike conventional fitness machines, Fitness Club does not takes up too much space. Not only that, most exercise machines usually don’t blend in aesthetically with setting in the living spaces. It does.

The Fitness Cube is has exercise bars that can be attached to cables within the Fitness Cube. The users the options of adjusting the resistance on these cables, so he or she can accomplish about 30 different exercises at varying levels. The exercise mats are also compact and designed to fold and fit on the cubic frame. Everything you need is hidden away under the lid, including mats and a slide out bench. There is a range of bars and straps to work most areas of your body as well as variable resistance so you can really nail down those problem areas. Most importantly it comes with a DVD to show you how to use it.

If you need one, try Fitness Club.

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