Cell Phone and Spy Camera Combo

jinpeng-e1181Innovation, style and functionality driven cell phone and camera combination has come a long way. Earlier cell phones used to be without camera, now most are coming with cameras. JinPeng E1181 is yet another departure from the rest. This phone allows the user to completely detach the camera as well as its rechargeable battery and place it up to 30 feet away. Wireless video footage can then be transmitted live from the camera section to the phone portion via RF. The user can then watch it on the phone’s three inch screen. How is that? Why not make a cellular phone camera that is so good that it deserves to be detached from the cellular phone altogether? How you think you can use this detachable camera? There is no limit to ingenuity.

The new JinPeng E1181 cell phone is the excellent handset as well. It is available in slim design, quality of sound that you can enjoy favorite music tracks on this cell phone. In addition to Megapixel count of the camera, E1181 has other features like a 3 inch touch screen, FM tuner, Dual Sim Slots, and Bluetooth 2.0.

Only I was wondering how to use the spy camera in my own settings. Over to you! How will you use that? Share your imagination with us here.

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